Saunterer 10th March 2022:

The Jaguar engine has been lifted into the boat onto the engine bed and we have made a mock up of the engine casing for discussion with the owner when they visit later today.

Saunterer 4th March 2022:

Paul has been painting the inside of the hull this week and today there was great excitement as the engine arrived, a straight 6 E Type Jaguar engine. Can’t wait to hear it fired up!

Saunterer 1st March 2022:

Saunterer 25th February 2022:

The hull has been primed and the repairs continue.

Saunterer 22nd February 2022:

The hull sanding continues.

Saunterer 18th February 2022:

The hull repairs are almost complete and now we are in the process of priming and filling the hull to smooth the surface ready for painting and varnishing.

Saunterer 14th February 2022:

She has been turned over for the hull repairs to be carried out on the other side.

Saunterer 28th January 2022:

After much steaming the new ring frames are in position and have been secured with copper nails and roves and she has been turned for the next side to be completed.

Saunterer 21st January 2022:

The team have been steaming and replacing some of the ring frames on Saunterer this week a fascinating process. The wood is steamed for approximately an hour and then is bent very quickly to shape before it cools.

Saunterer 14th January 2022:

Paul is making great progress with the hull repairs, he is putting in splines between the planks.

Saunterer 6th January 2022:

The repairs continue on the hull of the launch and Paul is having to router out the tar and creosote which has been packed in the seams so that he can make a thorough repair.

Saunterer 23rd December 2021:

The hull repairs and replanking continue.

Saunterer 20th December 2021:

Paul has been making great progress on repairs to the timbers.

Saunterer November 2021:

After hours of work with the heat gun the Father and Son duo have finally moved on to painting the bilges and repairing the wood work.

Saunterer November 2021:

The lengthy process of stripping the old varnish and paint off the inside of the hull is certainly taking its toll on the yard heat guns! With a new replacement today Paul is cracking ahead with added gusto!

Saunterer October 2021:

It’s been a painstaking process removing the old varnish and paint from the inside of the hull, the engine bed has been removed as this will need replacing to support the E-type Jaguar engine which is going to be put in instead.

Saunterer October 2021:

Saunterer is a classic launch she has come to us for a full restoration, she will be stripped and refurbished over the winter. Today we moved her into the boat shed ready for the transformation to begin. 

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