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1963 Andrews 25ft Greyhound

HMS is working on behalf of Andrews Boathouses Limited for more information on this boat visit www.slipperlaunches.com

1st December 2022:

After many many hours of finishing, the 1963 Andrews 25ft Greyhound was loaded onto her trailer ready to be delivered to the customer this morning looking stunning. It is the first of several slipper launches to be worked on in the yard at Southwold.

22nd November 2022

With the anti foul applied, we are now waiting for a break in the weather to deliver this beauty back to the customer.

21ft November 2022

The 1963 Andrews 25ft Greyhound is looking gorgeous in the late afternoon winter sun with only the anti foul left to apply.

7th October 2022:

Slipper launches were first built by John Andrews at his father’s boatyard on the Thames in 1913. They were designed to incorporate a steering wheel and gearbox for easy manoeuvrability and handling, echoing the stylish lines of the sports cars of the era. They proved to be a popular vessel on the Thames and John went on to establish Andrews Boathouses of Bourne end in 1925.

Andrews continued building slippers until the 1970s and the boatyard eventually closed in 1983. In 2021 Andrews Boathouses was reborn by a group of enthusiastic collectors having purchased a fleet of original boats to be restored to show condition.

The 1963 Andrews 25ft Greyhound is one of those vessels which HMS has been given to complete. When she arrived she needed a couple of repairs but then the rest has been in the finishing, she is nearing completion and will soon be ready for the engine to go back in.

After many many coats of varnish and lacquer and beautiful gold leaf she is looking stunning.

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