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Update 24th August 2022:

Unfortunately we had a few technical issues when launching the first time around and so she has been back on the hard standing while those issues have been sorted. The interior was looking great today following the extensive freshening up.

Antionette update 30 June 2022:

With the wiring complete the new headlinings have been put back and the carpet laid there are just a few areas which need varnishing but she is looking almost set for her launch.

Antionette update 21 June 2022:

The engineering, electrical and woodworking teams have been working hard to complete her and she is getting closer we are hoping to launch her in the next few weeks.

Antionette update 31st of May 2022:

The team have been working hard to get the headlinings and trims all fitted, and the carpets fitted back in.

Antionette update 13th of May 2022:

The rest of the headlinings have been going up this week.

Antionette update 6th of May 2022:

The headlinings are up and the lights are being fitted, she is coming together.

Antionette update 19th of April 2022:

The team have been busy and have antifouled the hull, are putting more of the rigging back on the boat and are continuing on the interior headlinings and fitting out.

Antionette update 8th of April 2022:

The headlinings and cabin linings are being put into place ready for finishing and the colour of the wood in the natural daylight is fabulous, she is looking really nice, the damp smell of old has been replaced with fresh paint and varnish.

Antionette update 1st of April 2022:

The rigging team have been busy putting the mast back up and all the shrouds into place.

Antionette update 25th of March 2022:

With her out of the shed the works continue on preparation for her to be launched.

Antionette update 11th of March 2022:

The finishing touches on the paintwork and deck are being sorted before she is moved outside.

Antionette update 10th of March 2022:

The windows are all going in and she is due to come out of the boat shed at the end of the week.

Antionette update 4th of March 2022:

The window surrounds are being fitted and she is looking really good.

Antionette update February 2022:

The painting tent has been taken down and she is looking really good, the painting and finishing team have done a fantastic job, the hull is so shiny and looks like the paint has been sprayed when it has been applied by the brush and tip method.

Antionette update February 2022:

With the protective tent hiding the progress I was allowed a sneaky peak with the painting team to look inside and wow! She is looking fabulous.

Antionette update February 2022:

The hull has just had another coat of paint and is looking fabulous.

Antionette update February 2022:

The hull preparations and coach roof have been prepared ready for painting and varnishing.

Antionette update January 2022:

It’s been a busy week on Antionette and the hull painting has begun. The stanchion posts are all in.

Antionette update January 2022:

The team have been working hard finishing the woodwork and attaching the stanchions for the guardrail, unfortunately some of the points are not easy to access, this is where we have to enlist the help of a young bendy boatbuilder as apposed to our more mature members of staff!

Antionette update January 2022:

The hull painting and varnishing preparations are going at full pace and the boatbuilders are nearing completion with just headlinings and a few other finishing bits to complete. The transformation will be dramatic over the next two weeks.

Antionette update December 2021:

The stanchions and pulpit are being fitted on Antionette and the varnish preparations continues.

Here are the stanchions ready to be fitted.

Antionette update December 2021:

The team have been making great progress over the last few weeks and she is really taking shape, the bowsprit and toe rails are fitted and the varnishing and hull painting preparations are continuing.

Antionette update November 2021:

Fabulous to see some varnish start to be applied to the cabin sides today and to see the beautiful wood come alive.

Antionette update November 2021:

The beautiful trims on the cabin sides are being fitted and she is really starting to take shape, we will soon be ready for the varnishing and painting to begin.

Antionette update November 2021:

Great progress is being made on Antionette with the toe rails and cants being fitted. We have made the step easier into the doghouse by cutting a larger access.

Antionette update November 2021:

The team have been making great progress on Antionette this last few weeks and she is having final preparations before the hull is painted and the windows are put back in.

Antionette update October 2021:

This week the guys have been preparing the window surrounds prior to the windows being put back in and the hull has been part sanded before painting.

Antionette update September 2021:

The team are making good progress and the engine and steering are being installed and connected up. The decks have been sanded and look beautiful.

Antionette update August 2021:

With the wheelhouse back on the team have been focusing on the parts of the deck inside the cockpit, it is a real skill to get the lines to work fore and aft and involves a few clever optical illusions so it looks good..

Antionette update August 2021:

The team have been making great progress, new beta engine is in and the wheelhouse is back on, now they are focusing on cabin-side repairs.

Antionette update August 2021:

The team have been busy carrying out repairs to the engine bed as some areas were not in good condition. With this work complete it’s over to the engineers to install the new engine.

Antoinette came into us back in 2018 for a fairly major overhaul and as works progressed we discovered further issues which needed to be resolved. Various works were completed including a new deck but then circumstances changed and the owner was taken abroad for his work and the whole project was put on hold for a while, we are pleased that now we have been given the go ahead to carry on with finishing her and after the crazy last year we finally have a shed free to be able to accommodate her again.

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