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Brigand is a British built Space 56 design catamaran, she was involved in a collision with a huge commercial tug and suffered extensive damage and came to HMS Ipswich to be repaired. Due to the extent of the damage she had to be very carefully lifted out of the water, this was a challenge as once ashore it was too risky to attempt to move her again so we built the workshop up around her. The hull had extensive cracking to the gel coat and weave and needed repairs to the hull core. Progress is now well on the way.

Latest Updates

February 27th Update 2021:

With the Bimini installed and the final fittings going back on it was time to take the temporary shelter down which has been Brigand’s home for the last year. She will soon be launched back into the water. Moose our boatbuilder loved the bosuns chair experience!

January 22nd Update 2021:

Interior repairs are coming on

January Update 2021:

The topsides have been painted with the kiwi grip and the fixtures and hatches have been installed along with the guardrails and stanchion posts. She is starting to look really smart and will soon move out of the tent to be finished.

December Update 2020

The Ipswich team have been working hard fitting all the toerails and deck fittings on Brigand this week and using a laser level to mark up the water line for the anti foul to be applied too.

Update: November 2020

The process to get the toe rails fitted involves a lot of Saba marine adhesive and careful masking, the boys have got it down to a fine art to get a good finish.

Update: November 2020

With the painting and polishing all completed the deck fittings can now go back on, the boys have been busy putting the toe rails on

Update: October 2020

Kevan and his team of painters have been really busy this week applying the show coat to both hulls in whisper grey. The next stage is for her to be sanded with a fine grade paper then cleaned remasked and the top coat applied.

Update : October 2020

After months of repair and preparation the first coat of paint was applied yesterday to one of the hulls.

Update: October 2020

With the hull painting complete and the polishing almost complete the next stage is for the deck fittings to be put back on including; toe rails, stanchions and guardrails and the bespoke Bimini, then the decks will be painted with the Kiwi non slip paint. She is coming on nicely and we are preparing to launch her early 2021.

Update : September 2020

While the hull repairs and painting preparations have been going on we have been busy fabricating a new fixed Bimini to go over the cockpit, 14ft wide and 7ft long this curved structure will be strong enough to stand on while stowing the mainsail, it will also have windows cut out for visibility for steering and handling and will house the solar panels and lights. The process began with Mike making a Forma with a shinny finish to act as mould, he then laid up gelcoat and fibreglass then a layer of honeycomb 28mm thick. Then we laminated a foam radius edge and then applied the second layer of honeycomb followed by more fibre glass and gelcoat.

Brigand Gallery

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