Carina is a 59ft Lawley motor yacht, she was built in 1918 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA. She has spent most of her life cruising the waters of North America between New York and Boston. She was recently shipped to the UK where she was bought by her current owner. He has brought her to HMS for some modifications which were picked up by the survey. The team have removed all the beautiful interior for safe keeping ready for the works to begin.

Carina January 2022:

The Ipswich team have been cracking on this week with the hugely physical job of replacing the ring frames in the engine bay. The timbers are glued and laminated into position then copper nails and roves are put in. This involves someone hammering from the inside while the other person clenches up from the outside. Some of the bolts to secure the timbers don’t have a long enough thread so they have to be extended by hand.

Meanwhile the engineering team have been servicing the engine.

Carina January 2022:

Great progress is being made with replacing the laminated Iroko ring frames and stringers fastening them with traditional copper nails and roves, these all help to strengthen the hull. And we have even had to custom build some bronze bolts.

Carina December 2021:

The Ipswich team have been cracking on with replacing the frames in the hull this will strengthen the hull and engine bed.

Carina November 2021:

The Ipswich team have been assessing the hull of Carina this week now that the engine and tanks have been removed, the owner is having a surveyor inspect the condition and do a report with advice on repairs which need to be carried out.

Carina November 2021:

Here the engine and tanks have been craned out.

This is the beautiful plan of Carina

Carina November 2021:

The deck head of the wheelhouse has been stripped ready for a hatch to be cut so we can lift the engine and tanks out for the works to begin.

Carina November 2021:

With the engine, generator and tanks removed the engine room looks super spacious. Now we will be in a better position to make the structural repairs to the hull which are necessary.

Carina October 2021:

The long process of stripping the boat out completely and storing all the beautiful interior while the more structural issues are addressed is well underway in the Ipswich boatyard.

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