Nic Seal brought his 46ft twin screw Silverleaf to Harbour Marine Services after a recommendation from the owners of ‘Gralian’ and then a visit from John Buckley to their home in Cowes.

She came up to Southwold and work was started on her. The main work was a new deck. When John understood from Nic that he planned to take ‘Chinda’ down to the Mediterranean, he recommended they install a ply deck with epoxy recesses to achieve a complete monocoque structure for strength instead of just a teak deck and then the original triple-diagonal teak deck was laid on top of this. This will be much more resilient in the strong Mediterranean sun and also stiffens her up considerably.

Unfortunately during one of her re-fits in the past, anodes had been put onto the A brackets, the shaft logs, and also onto several planks. This had caused significant electrolysis and meant that the brackets, shaft logs and the garboards had to be replaced. A new laminated floor was built right across the stern to support the frames, new stern tubes were added and new keel bolts fitted. In addition to this new bearers were built for the two new 72hp Yanmar engines. These replaced two 52hp units which had been there since 1962.

New diesel, water and holding tanks were designed and installed, with the fuel tanks relocated to the engine room, which left space for a large lazarette below the afterdeck. The vessel also needed to be completely re-wired.

Externally the planks in the break of shear were replaced with Brazilian mahogany together with new Cascover sheathing for the aftermost 26ft. The portlights were all re-chromed and re-seated. Nic was keen for ‘Chinda’ to have a real chrome feel on deck and this was duly done. Interestingly it was discovered after the chroming was done that it was almost identical to what was on her originally in 1946 when she was ‘Lady Dot II’.

The rear of the wheel-house was also rebuilt to accommodate an external helm and to help conceal the new electronics. Below decks the original feel of the vessel has been maintained despite redesigning a new galley.

7th December 2023

Chinda is now tucked up in the boat shed for the real works to begin. The port lights are in the process of being carefully removed so the sanding and varnishing can begin.

16th November 2023

Chinda has come back to HMS for a winter refit and refresh.

A firm favourite of the HMS team she is a well travelled beauty who normally resides in Cornwall. She arrived on transport with @squirrelmarineboattransport yesterday. She is now awaiting a slot in the schedule before she comes inside the boat shed.

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