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Elsa II

Elsa II 11th May 2023:

With the launch last week Elsa II had a good passage down to Harwich and then on to London, for a fabulous weekend with the other Dunkirk Little ships at St Katharines Dock in London.

Elsa II 14th April 2023:

With works nearing completion she was moved out of the boat shed onto the hard standing for the mast to be raised and the final finishing touches, it was literally all hands on deck and she looked stunning in the bright Spring sunshine.

Elsa II 11th April 2023:

With the revarnishing and the painting of the decks finished, the sign writing has been completed today and now the team are ready to put the stanchions back on board.

Elsa II 2nd March 2023:

The external varnish work has been completed and is looking fabulous.

Elsa II 12th January 2023:

After discovering the movement in the keel we made an initial repair of inserting 5 ft of oak into it, however we weren’t satisfied that this cured the problem so we opted for further further strengthening. We built stainless steel frames which were bolted through the garbard, planks and keel. We then build a steel keel shoe which was then bolted up into the frames and floors, using bronze keel bolts.

Elsa II 22nd November 2022:

While great progress has been made with the varnishing and finishing the topsides we have discovered some hull and keel repairs which are necessary for structural strength.

Elsa II 6th October 2022:

Elsa II is a fine example of a 32ft Thornycroft she was built in 1929 on the Thames and is a Dunkirk Little Ship, she has one of the oldest brass commemorative plaques awarded to the little ships. She was fully restored on the Thames in 2013 and has come to HMS for some routine maintenance, repairs and modifications. Although seagoing she spends most of her time locally on the river Waveney. Since arriving the team have been busy repairing the coachroof sides splining the cracks in the timber. They are now preparing to varnish.

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