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Josephine Update January 2024

Josephine has come back to HMS for some further winter maintenance prior to her next adventure, including a full engine service and rigging jobs and a few other tweaks.

Josephine Update November 2023

After another visit to HMS for a mini refit Josephine is now back afloat being enjoyed and used by her owners. We had to carry out a number of repairs including a damaged rubbing strake.

This beautiful photo of Josephine courtesy of St Katharine Docks Marina as she arrived earlier this week.

Josephine Update January 2023

A regular visitor to HMS Josephine is back to the Ipswich yard for a refit, this was her having the mast taken down prior to being lifted and put into one of our sheds.

Josephine Update November 2022

Josephine has been in for a touch of pre winter maintenance with a nice new heater and a fabulous new shiny compass along with some rigging works.

Josephine Update August 2021:

She made a successful passage to Scotland and was spotted by another customer moored in Inverness marina, ready to continue her Scotland holiday adventure.

Josephine Update July 2021

The team at Ipswich have been working really hard to get Josephene ready for her summer holiday trip to Scotland. They have been so busy doing the work they haven’t had time to send the progress photos. So today we had a lovely email from the owners thanking the team for the wonderful job they have done. They were sailing past Southwold and cheekily said the only thing missing from their perfect experience was the champagne lobster avocado chocolates and flowers! So we didn’t disappoint! We jumped on the rib and delivered them 1/2 mile off shore!

Josephine Update April 2021

She was lifted out of the water ready for her mini refit to begin.

Josephine Returns

A familiar face at HMS over the years Josephine has returned to our Ipswich yard for some winter maintenance works, including a gentle refurb of her teak decks and all the brightwork being revarnished using Allwood. Then we are respraying her port hull and giving her a polish and antifoul. She is also having some electrical works carried out and a new heater installed along with the usual list of winter jobs. Keep up with her progress here.

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