Malaika 19th of May 2022:

She has now been brought in the shed for the varnishing to begin.

Malaika 29th of April 2022:

Sam has had his varnishing head on this week and amongst other things he has varnished Malaika’s teak control panel. This will be rubbed down and varnished again until the required finish is achieved.

Malaika 22nd of April 2022:

Apologies Sam not Matt has cut the holes ready for the instruments to be fitted and is now preparing to varnish the beautiful teak control panel.

The new radar arch was looking great in the afternoon sunshine.

Malaika 19th of April 2022:

The new control panel is taking shape and the new instruments are being positioned and mounted.

Malaika 8th of April 2022:

The new control panel is in construction.

Malaika 25th of March 2022:

She has been lifted out of the water today so works can continue. But first a pressure wash!

Malaika 18th of March 2022:

Works on the control panel continue with a mass of wires and the installation of the TV is carried out.

Malaika 4th of March 2022:

The radar arch has been fitted and is ready for the instruments to be mounted.

Malaika 25th of February 2022:

Today we had a visit from the client and did a mock up of how the new control panel will look, its a really useful exercise as you can see if the scale is correct. Plus the mounts for the new radar arch have been fitted.

We were also able to design a bespoke cockpit dropleaf table and demonstrate how it would look to the client.

Malaika 18th of February 2022:

Maliaka is a Dutch built Super Van Craft she is a regular visitor to HMS for various mini refits and maintenance and has recently returned for some modifications for the current owner including a new fabricated radar arch and electronics and new helmseats. This was the boys offering up the arch to check for size.

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