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Meridies 16th June 2023

Today we launched Meridies after her winter refit, she was looking fabulous in the beautiful sunshine.

Meridies 11th May 2023

The team are making good progress on Meridies with a new fridge being installed in the galley, a new seating area being made on the aft deck and the wheelhouse sole boards are almost complete. 

We will soon be ready to varnish the superstructure.

Meridies 11th April 2023

The exterior refresh is well underway and works are continuing on the engine covering in the wheelhouse, new floors and removable access hatches are being constructed. A new framework has been built to support the flooring.

Meridies 28th March 2023

The hull is looking refreshed after a few coats of paint and we are almost ready for the varnishing to begin.

Meridies 2nd March 2023

The Southwold engineering team have been busy installing the custom fabricated water and fuel tanks in the engine bay. Meanwhile the painting and finishing team have been prepping and painting the hull and superstructure.

Meridies 3rd February 2023

The HMS team have been super busy preparing to put the new engines in and today is the day, and the finishing team have been sanding and preparing all the woodwork. And the engines are now in!

Meridies 11th January 2023

The HMS team have been super busy on Meridies, the woodwork has been stripped ready for repairs and varnishing and the fuel tanks and water tanks have been dry fitted ready for installation, the electrical works have begun and it is all systems go.

Meridies 15th December 2022

She is now tucked up in the boat shed and the varnish is being scraped off.

Meridies 7th December 2022

With the engines removed and her tucked up in the boat shed for the winter the task of replacing the water tanks and fuel tanks has begun.

Meridies 1st December 2022

Meridies has come back to HMS for the winter for further works to be carried out including new engines being fitted. She is now tucked up in shed 1 for the works to begin.

Meridies 21st June 2022

Everything went very smoothly with the completion and handover and apart from a slight weather delay she was delivered on schedule for the new owners. She is no fully settled in her new berth at Burnham on Crouch.

This was the new family setting sail for their summer of adventures.

Meridies 31st of May 2022

She was launched yesterday and the team are finishing the final bits off before the handover.

Meridies 19th of May 2022

The team have been working hard to finish her ready for her departure, the A brackets on the prop shafts have been remounted.

Meridies 13th of May 2022

The tender has had another coat of the varnish and is looking fabulous. The stanchions and guardrails have been fitted this week and the bathing ladder which is a work in progress.

Meridies 6th May 2022

Progress has been continuing on the exterior and she has had a new tap fitted with boiling water on tap. It’s great when we can put modern gadgets into these fabulous classic motor yachts.

Meridies 29th April 2022

Here are the lovely varnished deck boxes which Ethan (“Fingers”) has made from scratch. They are shown here upside down and will have some slats built in to enable them to be fixed to the deck. One of the lids is shown here waiting to be varnished.

Sam has also been busy touching up the mast with a coat of varnish.

Meridies 22nd April 2022

The HMS team have been busy this week anti fouling the hull so she is ready to go back in water once the rest of the job sheet has been completed.

Meridies 19th April 2022

The varnishing team have been busy in the good weather last week getting a coat on the covering boards prior to the stanchions being fitted.

Meridies 10th March 2022

The beautiful cast bronze stanchion posts made by Davey & Co are being fitted and look fabulous.

Sanding continues on her little tender and we are now removing the worn old blocks and replacing them.

Meridies 4th March 2022

Her tender’s hull has been primed and pp varnished and now we have turned her ready to start on the inside.

Meanwhile Ethan has been working on the deck boxes and getting them to fit snuggly on the decks and he has made the bases for the new stanchion posts.

Meridies 1st March 2022

Meridies tender having been primed ready for varnishing.

Meridies 25th February 2022

This is the little tender getting some tlc.

Meridies 9th February 2022

As part of the customers modifications to the boat we are making a deck box for storage, here it is in progress. John has also managed to find these beautiful navigation lights made by Davey on eBay!

Meridies January 2022

Meridies has recently sold through Sandeman Yacht Company and the new owners have brought her back to HMS for some general maintenance and modifications so that she meets their families needs. It’s really nice to play a part and see the next chapter of her journey evolve, and shows that we are merely custodians of these fabulous boats for a short time and they continue to bring so much enjoyment to so many.

This is Meridies a 1937 46ft Silver Leaf class boat, she has recently been to HMS for a refresh prior to being sold through Sanderman Yacht Company, a regular visitor to us over the years she has been for a hull repaint and all the exterior varnish work redone. She was looking fabulous as she came out of the boat shed.

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