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Nouchette is a Westerly Oceanlord she has come to HMS for a mini refit over the winter including new decks.

Latest Updates

Nouchette April update:

With her mini refit completed she has been launched and the mast and rig have been put back up. She is now ready for the season.

Nouchette December update:

Nouchette has had her top coat of kiwi grip deck paint and we will soon be at the stage of putting all the deck fittings back on.

Nouchette November update:

Painting works are going well the coach roof has had the kiwi deck paint applied and the side decks are being primed and undercoated.

Nouchette November Update:


The wooden decks have been stripped and the first coat of epoxy 2 pack filler has been applied, this then needs to cure before being sanded and filled for the second time. It is important to do this to avoid shrink back. The decks will then be primed, undercoated and then the top coat applied before the non-slip deck paint goes on.

Nouchette update
The guys are now sanding down the first coat ready to start applying the second coat to avoid the shrink back.

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