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Slipper launch
Wild Oats

Wild Oats 15th March 2023

Even on a bleak March day in the drizzle the new varnish work on Wild Oats looked stunning against the reeds as she was delivered to the customer.

Wild Oats 3rd February 2023

With the varnishing and painting completed it is time for refitting the beautiful original chrome jewellery which finish her off a treat. The upholstery and covers are also being made.

Wild Oats 24th January 2023

The next stage is to apply the many coats of lacquer, the process is to build up the layers fine sanding in between.

Wild Oats 12th January 2023

With the varnish work completed it was time for the sign writer to do the gold leaf, a fascinating and skilled craft.

Wild Oats 15th December 2022

After many coats of varnish the lacquer is now being applied and she is looking spectacular.

Wild Oats 7th December 2022

The sanding and preparation continues with the varnish work.

Wild Oats 22nd November 2022

The varnish coats are going on thick and fast and we are aiming for 12 coats. She is starting to gain real depth.

Wild Oats 8th November 2022:

The process of many coats of PP varnish with fine sanding in between has begun building up the layers.

Wild Oats 7th October 2022

Wild Oats is privately owned by someone not related to the Andrews Boathouses enthusiasts he has brought wild oats in for a make over. Wild Oats is a 25ft Andrews Slipper launch.

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