Taioma January 2022:

With the windows and new surrounds fitted and water tested she is looking fabulous and the bathing platform has been put back on following the transom painting. She is nearing completion and will be moved out of the boat shed tomorrow if everything goes to schedule.

Taioma December 2021:

The windows have been put in and we are just ready to put the window surrounds on, and her transom is being given a quick paint.

The transom has been painted and is ready for polishing.

Taioma December 2021:

The window openings have been made smaller so the window seal can be improved and the painting is completed so next stage is for the windows to be put back in next week.

Taioma October 2021:

The team have been busy putting in a new engine and connecting it all up and the windows have been taken out and the window surrounds are being made smaller, this is a lengthy process but Rachel has been doing a great job.

Here you can see a forma has been made of the window and the team are glassing in the gap to make the openings smaller

Taioma October 2021:

Taioma is a Vancouver 34
She has come to Southwold for a mini refit, as is often the way the customers have added to the job list while she is in the boat shed. Works include a new engine and all associated parts, new windows, hull polish and anti foul and thorough clean and smarten up.

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