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TARA is a 57ft wide beam Sea Otter she has come to HMS for a mini refit and the fabrication of a custom built wheelhouse.

28th February 2024

With a great push at the end the HMS team pulled out all the stops to complete Tara, she is looking fully refreshed with her new paint job and shiny new wheelhouse.

She turned a few heads as she made her way down Southwold high street.

15th February 2024

It’s been a busy time for the HMS team, great progress is being made on Tara as the deadline for completion nears. The superstructure has been painted and the windows and headlinings in the new wheelhouse are installed. The painter is currently prepping to paint the roof over the next few days.

1st February 2024

With the delivery date looming the team are pushing hard to meet the deadline, there is a hum of sanding and paint prep in the boat shed.

26th January 2024

The window installation and painting preparations continue at pace as the completion date gets nearer. The wheelhouse is starting to look really good.

19th January 2024

The painting continues and the new windows are starting to be fitted.

12th January 2024

The team have been making great progress on the wheelhouse roof.

With the wheelhouse now fitted a hole has been cut out to house the roof light. The painting process has also begun.

7th December 2023

The new wheelhouse is being built using Thermhex sheet, layers of biaxall cloth, ply and resin, it is great watching it start to take shape. We had to do a mock up initially to see how it would look.

The hull and superstructure are also going to be painted and the windows are going to be replaced to give her a complete refresh so she no longer leaks.

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