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Wanda is another of the Dunkirk Little Ships which has made its way to HMS, she has come in for some cosmetic works prior to the 80th Commemoration Celebrations in May 2020

Latest Updates

Wanda January 22nd 2021 Update: Wanda came out of the shed after her mini refit and looked wonderful against the beautiful Suffolk blue sky.

Wanda January 21st 2021 Update: Wanda’s repainted stem band has been refitted this morning.

Wanda January 2021 Update

Wanda January 2020 Update

Wanda has returned for some remedial works, she is having her stem post repaired and the deck caulking is being replaced on the aft deck to try to resolve some leaks which have been causing issues.

Wanda December Update

Wanda has returned to HMS for the 2020 winter to have a number of remedial works carried out including repairs to her stem post.

Wanda update:

We are completing various painting and varnishing on the hull and superstructure and have been commissioned to make some beautiful new solid mahogany wheelhouse doors and deck boxes similar to those we made for Lazy Days.

Great progress is being made as you can see from the photos.

It’s fair to say HMS has carved out a niche for restoring classic motor yachts and we seem to be attracting plenty of the Dunkirk Little Ships fleet for maintenance and improvements.

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