Harbour Marine Services

Incorporating Southwold & Ipswich Boatyards


We can provide restoration at Harbour Marine Services as we are fortunate to have, over the past thirty years or so, gained some of the best craftsmen in the country. To this end we are able to provide a full restoration or rebuild service in either timber, grp or aluminium.

The fact that we have all the required disciplines in house means that we are able to design, cost and execute any restoration economically and efficiently and manage our schedules and budgets on a weekly basis. Whilst we have carried out complete rebuilds and restorations to many grp and aluminium yachts our specialised expertise has become one that involves classic timber vessels.

We have seven full time shipwrights whom are able to achieve anything from replacing a cracked timber or plank to carrying out a detailed restoration including fitting out, joinery and so forth. Often we will be asked to become involved in a restoration project before the vessel in question has been purchased and in this way we are able to advise our client from the start.

We actively encourage our clients to engage with their project and to work alongside our staff if appropriate and time allows.